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full cooling packs made to custom requirements

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Supplying Air Handling Units,
Refrigeration coils,
Air blast coolers,
oil coolers


Radiators & cores
Plate Heat Exchangers
HVAC / Fin Coil
Shell & Tube
Marine Heat Exchangers
Fin Tube Air
Compressors & Aux
Unit Solutions
Freshwater Distillers
Evaporator & Condenser
Finless Technology

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Automotive, C.V., P.S.V. & Agricultural Cooling

We design, manufacture & stock a large selection of aftermarket Automotive, C.V., P.S.V. & Agricultural Coolers including:

Chłodnice powietrza (Intercoolers)
Chłodnice oleju
Chłodnice wody

Posiadamy na stanie pełen zakres chłodnic powietrza i oleju dla marki Land Rover.
Skontaktuj się z G&M aby uzyskać informację o tym asortymencie.

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